The Governmental animal welfare label

Why do we need a animal welfare label?

The government created the animal welfare label, aptly named “Better Animal Welfare”, with the intention of improving animal welfare for as many production animals as possible through consumer purchasing. The animal welfare label makes it possible for consumers to identify which products meet requirements for better animal welfare. By selecting products that promotes better animal welfare, at a slightly higher price, the consumer is helping to ensure that animals are produced under improved conditions. It is market driven animal welfare.

What does the animal welfare label indicate? 

The animal welfare label is based on central requirements selected by animal welfare experts at the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. These basic requirements meet conditions that go far beyond current statutory requirements: The animal welfare label has three levels with ascending animal welfare requirements. Stricter requirements generates higher costs and prices - there will therefore be choices befitting everyone’s preference and budget.

Links to Order on the voluntary animal welfare label

Order on the voluntary animal welfare labelling scheme (Danish)

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